zaterdag, mei 12, 2012

vrijdag, mei 11, 2012

I fell in love with a bench

I just love this wooden bench. You can use it inside the house, on the patio or in the garden. The colorful cushions make this bench complete.

Green living rooms

Most people probably won't pick green as the main color for their living room, but with the right mix of colors, fabrics and styles - green rooms look really great. It looks fresh and healthy and it's easy on the eyes.

Here are some inspiring green living rooms to show you how beautiful green living rooms can be. (more photos after the jump)

An outdoor kitchen

How nice, who doesn't want to have an outdoor kitchen for those warm summer days?

Stay organized with a kitchen board

Stay orgnized with a kitchen board. One place to keep your agenda, shopping lists, memo's and more.

Unique house numbering

Lovely idea to use flower pots as house numbering signs.

donderdag, mei 10, 2012

A Loft Bed

A real space saver for small bedrooms: a loft bed! What a great idea!

Create a square foot garden

DIY tip: make your own square foot garden. Square foot gardening becomes more and more popular. In case you are not aware what square foot gardening is and what the benefits are, please check out this Wikipedia page.

I have seen stores which sell complete square garden packages, but wouldn't it be more fun to build your own? There's an easy step by step guide on how to make yours after the jump.

woensdag, mei 09, 2012

Simple but beautiful bedroom

Simple, but beautiful bedroom. It's important to use easy colors and nature elements in your bedroom. It has a huge effect on your mental and physical health.

Riveira style living room

Cosy living room inspired by the French Riveira style. I love the nature colors.

Cool storage system

DIY tip: make your own storage system. This storage system was created with wooden boxes and binder clips. By using clips, you can keep switching the boxes.

If you are afraid the binder clips aren't the right solution to keep the boxes together, you can just glue the boxes together. Except, than it's not so easy to re-arrange your storage system.

dinsdag, mei 08, 2012

Fresh green living room

Fresh green living room. I love it.

Awesome porch swing

Cosy porch with an awesome swing

Romantic lounge garden

It's time to relax. I love this cosy and romantic garden.

Hearts Panel

DIY tip: a hearts panel. An easy and fun way to decorate your wall.

Read more to see the instruction guide

Smart use of Bread Ties

Great use of bread ties! Use them as cord labels and you'll never have to follow the cord to see what plug you need to pull.

Mimi Terrarium

DIY tip: a tiny terrarium in a light bulb. Super decorative and fun to make, but also a challange because of the limited workspace inside the bulb. A full instruction guide can be found at The Hipster Home.

Bathroom Design

This is beautiful: a very modern shower with purple wall.

Cool recipes boxes

I love these handmade recipes box from Wayfair. The box comes with index cards, to easily organize all your recipes. Not only does a recipes box saves space, but it also keeps all your favorite recipes together. The box is available in two different colors and designs.

I bet that it's easy for creative minds to create their own recipes box. You could take an old storage box and turn it into a cool recipes box that matches the colors of your kitchen or kitchen ware.

Shelves from Old Books

DIY tip: Shelves from old books. Give your old books a second life. Find a cheap flat shelf, which you can attach to a wall. Open te book, between the last page and the back cover and put glue on both the last page as well as the inside of the back cover. Place the glued pages around the shelf and press the book together for a while.

maandag, mei 07, 2012

Stone Feet

DIY tip: Find the perfect shaped stones and glue them on wood, so that the stones look like little feet. You can paint the stones, to make it extra happy, if you want

Love this Chair

I absolutely love this chair.

Decorate your Fence

Cheap and unique way to decorate your fences. The pots are from Ikea and you can fill them with plants or herbs. It saves a lot of space and decorates your fence at the same time.

Use old boots as a vase

DIY tip: boots as vases. Don't throw away your old boots, cause they make great vases for blossoms. You can also use children boots for smaller flowers.

Dream Kitchen

Very cool kitchen idea. All the glass gives you a lot of light while cooking your favorite food.

A Photo Tree

DIY tip: a photo tree on your wall. Create stencils and paint a tree on your wall. You can hang your photos in the tree.

Decorated Paper Lamp

DIY tip: paper lamp decorations. You can use magazine paper to cut out the flowers and butterflies and glue them on a paper lamp.

Szentendre in Hungary

Photo taken in Szentendre, Hungary

Mediterranean-like town with colorful houses.