dinsdag, mei 08, 2012

Hearts Panel

DIY tip: a hearts panel. An easy and fun way to decorate your wall.

Read more to see the instruction guide

What do you need?
- A panel or bulletin board
- Lots of hearts
- Ribbons
- Fabric
- Scissors, pins and tape or staples

Step 1: collect hearts
Buy hearts in different colors, shapes and sizes. You can buy them in various stores and especially around Valentin and Christmas, they will be easy to find.

Step 2: get a board
Buy a bulletin board or use an old piece of wood.

Step 3: cut the fabric
Cut the fabric at the same size as the board plus 2 or 3 extra inches, which you can fold around the edges of the board.

Step 4: fasten the fabric to the board
You can either use tape or a staple gun to fasten the fabric at the back side of the board

Step 5: attach the ribbons to the hearts
Tie the ribbons to the hearts and use the pins to attach them to your board.

You can re-arrange your board whenever you feel like it. You could do the same with butterflies or flowers or any other shape you like.

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